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Our Packaging


The vast majority of our products are presented in brown cardboard boxes or mounted on recycled card, held in place with paper covered wire. Items are carefully quality checked before being wrapped in acid free tissue paper and brown paper for cushioning. 

All card mounted and some boxed products are wrapped in Kraft paper. Our signature black and white cotton twine is made in the UK and like all our packaging materials, it too can be reused, recycled or biodegraded. 

Please note that some of our products are too large for this type of packaging, please check for the ‘Gift Ready’ label on the product page.


Orders are dispatched in either single or double walled cardboard outer cartons depending on the size and weight of its contents. For void filling we simply use recycled brown paper and card. We also utilise any reusable packaging materials that come from our product suppliers and recycle the remainder. 

Our use of paper parcel tape, labels and stickers, means that everything can be composted or placed in your recycling bin. Without the need to remove the tape or labels beforehand.